Does Liquid Music work with Bitwig?

Liquid Music works with Bitwig ONLY on Mac OSX (tested up to MacOS Mojave).


To get started with LM in Bitwig on a Mac: 

  1. Load Liquid Music into an Instrument Track.
  2. In the same track, load a software instrument. 
  3. This routes the MIDI from LM to the subsequent plugin. 

Please note that setting MIDI input for an instrument track via this menu...

...does not currently work.



Unfortunately, Bitwig on Windows is not currently supported. This issue is on our radar. Your patience is appreciated while we work on it. 

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    Liquid User

    I have kept waiting to work with Bitwig since I purchased LiquidMusic.
    Why does Windows version LiquidMusic not work with Bitwig?
    Please tell me the reason.



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    Luis A Rivera

    Also wondering why, given that Liquid Rhythm launches just fine. Seems so odd.

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    Raymond Leblanc

    Almost another year since the last comment and this problem or feature is not resolved. Maybe this will be fix in Liquid Music version 2.0 ? So I will wait to buy it. 


    Raymond Leblanc, Saint-Jérôme, Québec, Canada

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    Another year goes by and Liquid Music it still won't open! (even though Liquid Rhythm does??)

    What's actually needed to get this fixed and working? Can we crowd-fund it or setup a donation scheme? 

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