Liquid Music 1.8.0 DAW Compatibility

Liquid Music 1.8.0 includes Liquid Rhythm 1.8.0.
Liquid Music 1.8.0 is a VST / AU / AAX / AMXD plugin and requires a host DAW.
Liquid Rhythm 1.8.0 is a VST / AU / AAX / AMXD plugin and a standalone application.

Liquid Music 1.8.0 + Liquid Rhythm 1.8.0 feature plugin compatibility in:

  • Ableton Live [macOS/Windows]
  • Acid Pro [Windows]
  • Bitwig [macOS/Windows]
  • Cakewalk [Windows]
  • Cubase [macOS/Windows]
  • Digital Performer [macOS/Windows]
  • FL Studio [macOS/Windows]
  • Logic Pro [macOS]
  • Mixcraft [Windows]
  • Pro Tools [macOS/Windows]
  • Reaper [macOS/Windows]
  • Reason [macOS/Windows]
  • Studio One [macOS/Windows]
  • Tracktion Waveform [macOS/Windows]

Note that the above list was compiled initially for Liquid Music 1.7.0, which was tested on the latest versions of these DAWs at that time.

Liquid Music 1.8.0 introduces compatibility with Bitwig and Reason on Windows (complementing prior macOS compatibility). Liquid Rhythm 1.8.0 newly features AAX / Pro Tools compatibility (complementing the prior Liquid Music AAX / Pro Tools compatibility).

As we update our testing machines to the latest versions of all of the above DAWs, we will once again test Liquid Music 1.8.0 (and Liquid Rhythm 1.8.0) in each DAW and update this page with platform and DAW version information.

Liquid Music 1.8.0 and Liquid Rhythm 1.8.0 support Apple Silicon native compatibility, if your DAW does. Liquid Music and Liquid Rhythm use two processes: one for the UI, and one for the engine (which handles audio, DAW sync, and much of the other computational bulk). The UI process runs in Intel only (due to some library dependencies in our UI), but the engine process will run natively in either environment, and on Apple Silicon machines will follow how the DAW is configured to run.

Note on Ableton Live 11 and Liquid Music Max For Live (AMXD) compatibility:

Users of Ableton Live 11 will be met on initial launch with a message about Liquid Music "using an old method to modify MIDI notes." Users can click "do not show this message again" and then click "proceed" and you will be able to use the AMXD normally. (The reason for this message is that LM 1.8.0 does not (yet) incorporate any of the extended features introduced into Ableton Live involving the ability to edit multiple clips concurrently or providing additional MIDI note controls for separate velocities for note-on and note-off.)



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