How do I launch Liquid Music?

Note that Liquid Music does not run in standalone.  It only runs as a plugin (VST / AU / “Max for Live”).

Loading the plugin:

  1. Launch your DAW.
    1. Most DAWs with VST: The Liquid Music VST plugin will appear in the usual VST Instrument plugin list.  Load Liquid Music VST.  Note that Liquid Music does not generate sound, so load a software synth in another track, and connect the MIDI output of the Liquid Music track into the MIDI input of the software synth track.
    2. Logic Pro X: The Liquid Music AU plugin will appear in the MIDI FX dropdown menu of the software instrument track.  Load it there, and then load an instrument in the same track. Watch this video for further help.
    3. Ableton Live (with “Max For Live” plugin),: In Live’s Browser, go to Max for Live > Max MIDI Effect.  From there, you should see LiquidMusic.amxd. Load that plugin onto an Ableton MIDI track, and you should now be able to use melody / harmony tools.  Watch this video for further help.


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