Why do I see Liquid Rhythm when I launch Liquid Music?

The Liquid Music installer installs the following items:

  • Liquid Music VST / AU
  • Liquid Music amxd (for Ableton Live “Max For Live”).  
  • Liquid Rhythm VST / AU / Standalone

If you run the standalone, Liquid Music will automatically run as Liquid Rhythm.  This is because there is currently no standalone version of Liquid Music – Liquid Music only works as a VST, AU, or Ableton Live “Max For Live” device.
You can switch between Rhythm mode (from Liquid Rhythm) and Melody mode by heading into our application’s “View” menu and selecting “Switch to Rhythm Tools” or “Switch to Harmony Tools.”

To use Liquid Music’s melody / harmony tools, please:

Close the standalone or VST that says Liquid Rhythm
Follow the launch procedures outlined here.

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