Liquid Music's Max For Live plugin is not showing in Ableton Live

If you do not see LiquidMusic.amxd in Max MIDI Effect, please do the following:

  1. Go to Ableton Live’s preferences
  2. Go to the “File Folder” tab, and then under “Rescan Plugins,” press “Rescan.”  Please press it 2 more times (sometimes Ableton needs a few tries).
  3. Close the Preferences
  4. Close/reopen the Max MIDI Effect tab in Live

You should now see the LiquidMusic.amxd plugin.

If you do not see the plugin after these steps

In certain cases, the AMXD file does not get copied during the install process.  You can see this problem in the log file: (mac and windows location is the same)

<user home>\LiquidRhythm\logs\clipsnativeinstallerlog.txt  

Open this log file and scroll to the bottom; you will find the message “Failed to process AMXD”. In this case you can find the backup AMXD file in these locations:

For MAC OSX the backup AMXD file is here


For Windows the backup AMXD file is here * (standard install location):

C:\Program Files (x86)\WaveDNA\Liquid Rhythm\LiquidRhythm.amxd

*Note: You may have installed in a custom location. In that case, look for the AMXD backup file where you installed Liquid Music.

Two screenshots representing this process, on Windows, are included below:


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