Liquid Music Max for Live showing but not launching in Ableton Live

I’ve installed Liquid Music (“Max for Live”) and I can see LiquidMusic.amxd in Categories > Max MIDI Effect. However, when I double-click it nothing happens. What is wrong?

There are a few reasons why this happens:

  • Make sure that you’ve completely uninstalled any previous versions of Liquid Rhythm before installing Liquid Music.
  • Sometimes the plugin will do nothing if there is no appropriate Java installed.  Make sure you have Java installed as well as all the prerequisites listed in What additional software do I need to run Liquid Music?
  • After installing a new copy of Liquid Music on OSX and you also install the Liquid Rhythm VST/or AU plugins, sometimes the Liquid Music plugin will not do anything or give an error message saying “It’s not you it’s me”.  Restart Live and try again. If you continue to get this error message then it usually means you need the correct Java installed.
  • Some versions of Max 6.1 can cause this to happen.  We recommend you update to Max 7.
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