How can I switch between Rhythm mode (from Liquid Rhythm) and Harmony mode, in Liquid Music?

In Liquid Music AMXD (Max For Live), when accessing MIDI clips, the default behavior is to load into the mode which Liquid Music thinks is appropriate, for the instrument track that the clip is located within. 

Clips located on Ableton Drum Racks load into Rhythm Tools mode (which is the same toolset as in Liquid Rhythm), while clips on other MIDI tracks will load into Harmony Tools mode (the new Liquid Music toolset), by default.

You can switch between these two modes by heading into Liquid Music’s “View” Menu and selecting “Switch Mode to: Rhythm Tools” or “Switch Mode to: Harmony Tools.” 

By changing perspectives, you are telling Liquid Music to treat that instrument track as a drum rack, and other MIDI clips on the same track will now load into the same mode which you just selected via the View Menu. 

This feature was designed so that instrument tracks that Ableton does not recognize as being drum tracks can be set to be treated as drum tracks in Liquid Music, though some users have reported in having come up with rougher ideas using the Liquid Music's Sketch interface, then switching to the Rhythm perspective to make finer-grain tweaks and variations on their original idea.  Note that if you do this, if you decide you want to switch back into Liquid Music, you will have to use the MIDI Importer to analyze the new note data (after your changes), so it can set its generative models as best it can to represent your new ideas.

Also note that you can “Lock” into either Rhythm Tools mode or Harmony Tools mode, via the associated option in the “View” Menu (just below the “Switch Mode to: ...” option): ensure the checkbox for “Switch Modes Automatically” is unchecked.  Liquid Music will then stay locked to the currently active toolset when switching between clips.  This also means Liquid Music will not change its internal bookkeeping mechanism as to whether instrument tracks are drum tracks or harmony tracks, when loading clips.  When Liquid Music is not switching modes automatically, the mode can still be switched manually, using the previously-discussed “Switch Mode to: ...” menu item.

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