I am a Liquid Rhythm owner and I love it! What is Liquid Music, and why should I buy it?

Liquid Music is a powerful plugin that instantly crafts original song ideas with advanced music tools.

  • Paint melodies, harmonies and chords using the revolutionary Sketch tool
  • Tweak and evolve song ideas in real-time using five layers of control: Sketch, Key, Chords, Voice and Rhythm
  • Inspiring presets help create original ideas and rich harmonies in seconds, allowing you to mix and match melodic styles for nearly limitless possibilities
  • Make unique beats instantly using a collection of rhythmic building blocks with the Rhythm tool
  • Works as a VST / AU plugin
  • Also works as a “Max for Live” device in Ableton Live Suite

Liquid Music includes:

  • Full harmony and rhythm modes of operation
  • VST, AU, and “Max for Live” plugin flavours
  • Liquid Rhythm standalone and VST / AU plugin


  • VST / AU plugin flavours: VST / AU -compatible DAW host
  • “Max For Live” plugin flavour: Ableton Live 9 Suite (which includes “Max for Live”)
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