LRCA02-1 when trying to load LiquidMusic.amxd on Windows

The LRCA02-1 error most commonly occurs when attempting to run Liquid Music VST alongside Liquid Music Max for Live. However, as of Liquid Music, some Windows users are also hitting this bug for Java-related issues. 

To solve this issue, please make sure you have the latest 64-bit version of Java 1.8 JDK (8u172) on your machine. If you have Java 1.9 / Java 9 installed, please uninstall it, as Liquid Music / Liquid Rhythm are incompatible with Java 1.9 / Java 9. Download Java 1.8 JDK here:

As a Windows user, it is generally advisable that you have matching architectures–meaning 64-bit–across the board for all the applications you are running. Meaning you have:

  • 64-bit Ableton Live
  • 64-bit Max
  • 64-bit Java

Several support tickets related to the LRCA02 bug have been closed successfully by ensuring the above. 

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