Do I need an internet connection to use Liquid Music or Liquid Rhythm?

Internet Requirements

Liquid Music / Liquid Rhythm needs to be connected to the Internet for the activation of the software. These are the following times Liquid Music / Liquid Rhythm will need to connect to the Internet:

  • Trial Activation: To activate a 30-day trial, we require internet access to register your system with our WaveDNA Licensing servers. We only need a name and email address entered into the application and your software will be activated for 30 days.
  • Trial Usage: After you have activated the trial, each time you launch Liquid Music or Liquid Rhythm it will connect over the internet to the WaveDNA servers to verify a valid trial registration. If the trial expires or you do not have internet connectivity, then you can run Liquid Rhythm standalone in a ‘restricted’ mode, that disables plugins and the ability to save/export.
  • Software Activation: After you have purchased Liquid Music or Liquid Rhythm directly from our website, we will email you confirmation key. This confirmation key needs to be entered when you launch Liquid Music and will require internet access for our License servers to activate your software. Once the full version of the software is activated, you do not need internet access again
  • Retail Key Registration: After purchasing Liquid Rhythm for any other retailer than the WaveDNA website, you need to perform on extra step, which is registering your retail key online here. This will email you the Activation code required in the previous step to activate Liquid Rhythm online.
  • Download Optional Kits: To keep the size of the initial download as small as possible, we ship with only a handful of instrument kits. You can optionally download more kits from within Liquid Rhythm software, and it will connect to the Amazon cloud to download the additional files. For more information see here.

Offline Activation

Many customers have requested a way to activate Liquid Music or Liquid Rhythm as a trial or purchased product in an offline fashion. The WaveDNA team sincerely apologizes because we do not have this ability. We understand the various reasons why the studio or workstation may not be connected to the Internet. We plan one day to address this limitation, however, our development team size is small, and we cannot commit to when this might become available.

For the time being, the system in which you desire to run Liquid Rhythm, must be connected to the Internet for a short period of time, as outlined in the previous section.

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