Can I use Liquid Music with MacOS Sierra?

Short answer, yes. Existing Mac users looking to update to MacOS Sierra will be able to use Liquid Music. You will need to make sure you have download the latest version of Max 7.3.1 to enjoy the Max for Live functionality of Liquid Music. 

New Mac users purchasing Macs with MacOS Sierra will not be able to use Liquid Music. This issue is on our radar and we will be releasing a fully Sierra-compatible version of Liquid Music soon. 

EDIT: As of June 2017, Liquid Music is MacOS Sierra compatible.  


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    I did a clean install (not updating) of Sierra, will LM work?

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    Wes Morgenthaler

    I am also running macOS Sierra and cannot get liquid music to run.  No matter what mode I try (VST, M4L, or standalone, the liquid music app will not respond.  :-(

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    WaveDNA Tech Support

    Hi Wes,

    Do you have Java installed on your Mac? Please make sure you have the latest version from Oracle:

    Let me know if you have any issues after installing that. 


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