Liquid Music 1.7.0 DAW Compatibility

Liquid Music 1.7.0 includes Liquid Rhythm 1.7.0 VST / AU plugins and the Liquid Rhythm standalone application. Liquid Music features VST / AU / AAX / AMXD plugin compatibility in:

  • Tracktion Waveform [macOS/Windows]
  • FL Studio [macOS/Windows]
  • Logic Pro X [macOS]
  • Cubase Pro [macOS/Windows]
  • Studio One [macOS/Windows]
  • Cakewalk [Windows]
  • Reaper [macOS/Windows]
  • Ableton Live [macOS/Windows]
  • Reason [macOS only]
  • Digital Performer [macOS/Windows]
  • Mixcraft [Windows]
  • Bitwig [macOS only]  
  • Acid Pro [Windows]
  • Pro Tools [macOS/Windows]

Note on Pro Tools compatibility:

As of Liquid Music 1.7.0 / Liquid Rhythm 1.7.0, there is no Liquid Rhythm AAX plugin, only a Liquid Music AAX. We had previously developed a Liquid Rhythm RTAS for Pro Tools compatibility, though RTAS is no longer supported by Pro Tools in versions newer than 10.3.8. 

A workaround for Liquid Rhythm and Pro Tools is to use the Liquid Rhythm standalone application alongside Pro Tools, and to either route audio or MIDI from Liquid Rhythm into Pro Tools, or to export audio or MIDI from Liquid Rhythm into your Pro Tools project. On the other hand, Liquid Music has an AAX plugin type and is compatible in Pro Tools.

Note on Reason and Bitwig compatibility on Windows:

As of Liquid Music 1.7.0, Liquid Music and Liquid Rhythm are not compatible in Reason or Bitwig on Windows, though they are compatible on macOS. However, a workaround exists if you also own FL Studio. You can use FL Studio as a VST in either Reason or Bitwig, and host Liquid Music VST or Liquid Rhythm VST inside the FL Studio VST, inside your current Reason / Bitwig project.

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